4 Ways To Prevent Heart Disease, Start Avoiding Smoking to Manage Stress

4 Ways To Prevent Heart Disease, Start Avoiding Smoking to Manage Stress


Living a healthy life is everyone’s responsibility. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means avoiding diseases that can attack various organs, including the heart.

The problem is, not everyone can maintain this balance. In the World Heart Day website ‘Know More About Heart Disease (CHD) in Children, cardiologist and cardiologist Dr. Radityo Prakoso, Sp.JP(K) FIHA explained, there are many simple ways to plan a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart disease.

From smoking to cooking your own food, there are many ways to avoid an early heart attack, as explained by Radityo.

Avoid smoking cigarettes

Radityo emphasized, not only by not smoking, you should not be a smoker who inhales the smoke of others.

“Not only smoking, but don’t be with smokers. Because there are many things that are effective, especially for heart health,” said Radityo, Wednesday (28/9).

Cut down on fast food

According to Radityo, the disease has made many people choose to eat fast food which is more convenient and tasty. In fact, fast food is a bad menu.

He added that “Why is this junk food popular? Because it is more delicious. Why is it more delicious? Because there is more salt and fat. It has become a problem and the risk of heart disease,” he said.

On the other hand, Radityo also does not recommend eating low-fiber and refined foods that can increase the risk of heart attack.

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Do Physical Activity

Radityo explained, exercise should still be done in the middle of the day. It is not always done for a long time, you can choose light activities like gymnastics or jogging and adjust it to your body condition.

Learn to Manage Stress

Stress is emphasized as one of the causes of heart disease. Radityo explains, the ability to manage stress levels well can reduce the risk of heart attack.

“If I can share, my stress management is moving from one activity to another. If I’m tired of science activities, we can switch to music or fiction, so we can relax,” said Radityo.

The World Heart Day Webinar ‘Knowing more about Heart Disease (CHD) in Children’ was also presented by YJI President Esti Nurjadin and parent influencer Cheria Vasti. YJI organized this webinar with detikcom, whose Tropicana Slim supports a healthy heart, and Le Minerale, mineral water with essential minerals needed by the body, including the heart.