4 Ways and Tips to Cover Facial Blemishes Without Treatment

4 Ways and Tips to Cover Facial Blemishes Without Treatment

Having a face with thick and plump lips, big eyes, and a sharp nose can be a dream for everyone, especially women. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with such advantages. Therefore, it is not unusual for people to do different ways to get it, including surgery. In fact, without surgery, you can cover the flaws on your face and make it look perfect. How are you doing? Keep reading!

1. Small eyes

For those of you who have small eyes, there is an easy way to make them look bigger. You can start using eyelash black But remember, you only need to apply it on the upper eyelid. For the bottom, you can use eyelash first or silver in water. This method has been proven to be effective in making the eyes bigger. Do not forget to use the shining one in shedding tears or the inner corner of the eye. Your eyes will not only look bigger but also bigger new. Yes!

2. Beef chubby

Beef chubby It is interesting, but most women prefer thin cheeks which can make them look slimmer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rush into surgery to make your cheeks look smoother. You can use technology contouring. It takes a while to learn, but once you master the technique, thin, contoured cheeks will be yours.

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3. Wide nose

As you get thin cheeks, you can use tricks contouring to make your nose look good. Select a product contours which suits your skin type, you can use cream or cream products powder. Shade by drawing two lines on the side of the nose. Then, apply the shining one on the bridge of the nose and combination use a sponge. If you want the nose tip to look good, you can form a ‘v’ at the top of the nose.

4. Thin lips

Thick lips like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner look sexy. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with lips like this. If you have thin lips and want to look sexy, there is no need to do that filler how come You can pass it with skill makeup harassment. How, search root or concealer on the lips. Then, emphasize the shape of your lips using lips Apply your favorite lipstick and add glossy lips to make the lips stand out.

Hope the article is useful!

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