4 values ​​that make the cocoon feel at home in the hair

4 values ​​that make the cocoon feel at home in the hair


Recently uploaded videos Baim Wong cause controversy. The video features a primary school boy with a rag in his hair. Not a few of the people were not bothered because Baim showed the face and even the name of the high school boy.

Without intending to sound confusing, these brains can actually grow due to certain behaviors that a person does.

Lice, which are small insects, can grow not only on children, but also on the hair of adults. So what are the main characteristics that can cause acne?

Common causes of head lice

Scabies are small bugs that cause itchy scalp. The head usually drinks blood.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, tapeworms feed on blood drawn from the scalp and lay eggs that attach to the scalp. Scabies can affect anyone but is more common in children aged 3 to 11 years.

Some of these behaviors can cause a person to have a heart attack;

1. Playing with headaches

You can get bed bugs because these bugs are spread from person to person through direct contact. The lice can attach to your hair if it comes in contact with other hairs that have the larvae.

If you have one or two lice on your head, they will lay eggs and reproduce quickly until your hair grows back.

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2. Share things with people who have fleas

Sharing things including combs, brushes, mobile phones and hats with other people who have lice can spread the virus. This is because eggs can stick to things and hurt you.

3. Contact with ticks

According to the Mayo Clinic, contact with flea-infested items, such as lying on a bed or sitting on clothing that has recently been used by someone with fleas, can expose you to these animals.

Remember that the larvae can live for 1 to 2 days outside the body.

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4. Sex

Dandruff is not a scalp problem, but the fungus also lives in the hair. Genital warts are usually spread sexually.

Professionalism mostly targets adults. A rash found in children can be a sign of exposure or sexual abuse.


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