4 Sudden Kicks to a Stable Income and a Peaceful Life

4 Sudden Kicks to a Stable Income and a Peaceful Life

In addition to monthly expenses such as daily necessities. There are also annual fees such as STNK tax payment, house rent payment, annual insurance and so on.

Because it still takes a long time to get paid, sometimes we forget that we don’t make reminders on the calendar.

“When the time was right, we were surprised. “Hey, this month we have to pay STNK taxes, the expenses are inflated,” said Kevin at the Kulwap FIMELAHOOD Heartfelt meeting, Thursday (1/9).

Kevin said the good news is that Fimela’s friends can expect to use the first level of the Sinking Fund.

A Sinking Account is another account that we prepare for future needs. The idea is simple:

1) Our annual fees are divided into monthly installments.

2) Every month we pay a small amount by putting it in the bag we have prepared. The wallet can be a physical wallet like an envelope, or a digital wallet like a bank account or eWallet (GoPay, OVO, etc.)

“For example, in the next 12 months we have to pay STNK tax. The estimated cost is IDR 2.4 million. We have set up a special savings account at ABC Bank.

1) We divide it into monthly installments = IDR 200k x 2.4 million

2) Every month we deposit in ABC Bank for IDR 200 thousand

3) After 12 months of collecting IDR 2.4 million, it is time to pay STNK tax.

He added that “We pay STNK tax with these funds. You don’t have to worry anymore.”

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