4 hilarious “fights” between BTS’ Jin and his mom prove they have the best mother-son relationship

4 hilarious “fights” between BTS’ Jin and his mom prove they have the best mother-son relationship

While btsIt is Jin has a heartwarming relationship with his mother, they had hilarious “fights” as any mother and son would. Here are 4 examples that prove their strong mother-son relationship.

1. When his kindness “backfired”

In the past, Jin decided to make chocolates for his mother for Valentine’s Day. Jin started by melting some chocolates together.

However, Jin then found himself in an unfortunate situation by burning all the chocolates! Jin’s mom saw this and she “really mad“to him!”

After telling this story, Jin was teased by his peers.

2. Dispute over pizza

During a live broadcast, Jin shared how he’s had arguments with his mom over pizza in the past!

Jin from BTS

Jin shared that in the past he liked to bring his friends to his home. However, when Jin’s older brother brought his friends, her mother offered to buy pizza for Jin’s older brother and friends. Jin then started “protesting” that his mother was being unfair since she never offered to buy him pizza if he brought his friends.

Jin’s mom then gave Jin an honest answer, telling him that his older brother only brings friends a few times a month, while Jin brings his friends twice a day! Jin’s mother told Jin that she couldn’t buy pizza for her friends every time. She even said to Jin, “Want to hold supplies in the form of pizza?

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Jin finally responded by saying, “Does Hyung’s mouth count as a mouth while mine is just a hole?

Jin from BTS and his mother

3. Not noticing you at concerts

In a live broadcast, Jin shared that his family sometimes comes to their concerts and tells him where they will be sitting.

However, Jin isn’t the best at spotting people in crowds, so he can’t find his family even with that information.

There were several times that Jin’s mother “scolded” him for not spotting her. She would tell Jin she was waving at him and ask him why he hadn’t spotted her.

Jin would give an honest answer and tell her that everyone in a concert waves their hands and acts excited! He also hilariously told her that standing still would make her stand out better at a concert!

4. Kitchen Rules

Jin has been repeatedly praised by his members for his amazing cooking skills. However, Jin once revealed that his mom can be pretty strict when it comes to cooking. If he uses GMS or his food is too salty, he will “be scolded.”

| 1theK (Wonder K)/YouTube

Upon hearing this, members laughed as they wondered if these rules were worth scolding. Jin then honestly said that his family is strict about food!

| 1theK (Wonder K)/YouTube

Check out the full video below!