4 Favorite Seats for Airline Passengers, Close to the Wings is Fun

4 Favorite Seats for Airline Passengers, Close to the Wings is Fun


Travel by air or airplane spread again with the reduction of cases during the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease that afflicted the world.

The number of passengers increased and the seats began to fill up. For those of you who are used to flying, you probably have a favorite spot.

Comfort during the flight is the reason passengers choose their seat. There is a pattern shown from the behavior of passengers in choosing stay on board.

However, there are actually four preferred seats on the plane that passengers often choose. This series of seats, of course, is in the economy class of the plane.

Please note, these are the four preferred seats when boarding, summarized from Angkasa Pura I information.

1. The left side of the house

The left seat is the most preferred seat for the passengers of the plane. The reason for choosing a seat on the left side of the plane is because you can get off the plane faster.

Angkasa Pura I wrote in an upload on the official Instagram account, “The left side of the house, the living area with the exit nearby.”

2. Wings

Contractors repair commercial seats of Garuda Indonesia aircraft at Garuda Maintenance Facility hangar, GMF AeroAsia, Tangerang, Banten, Wednesday, March 4, 2015. Many airlines from America, Australia, Asia, Oceania and Africa have entrusted take care of the ship.  at GMF AeroAsia.  CNN Indonesia/Sapphire MakkiAirplane seats are cleared. (CNN Indonesia/Sapphire Makki)

There is a special reason why passengers choose the wing as their first choice to stay in airplane. The reason is the lack of interference from the effects of violence.

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Angkasa Pura I wrote in her Instagram account, “A big branch, a place to live with excitement.”

3. Cabin forward

For low-cost airlines (LCC) and other airline brands, the front of the cabin is set up for business first class passengers.

On the other hand, on budget airlines, sitting in this position gives you an extra legroom in first class. Then, the seats in this section do not have much in the way of engine noise on LCC or full size airlines.

“A place to stay where the engine won’t bother you,” said the announcement of Angkasa Pura I.

4. Near the emergency exit

Seats near the plane’s emergency exits are preferred by passengers. The reason is because the legroom is wider. However, the passengers sitting in this section are also heavy.

“The wide living area is also responsible for opening the emergency (emergency) door when an emergency occurs,” said Angkasa Pura I.


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