3 Ways to Sell Old Money and Where to Exchange It

3 Ways to Sell Old Money and Where to Exchange It


Old money is a type of money that is no longer in circulation and cannot be used for transactions today.

However, old money has its own charm that many people collect. So how do you sell? old money this is called high value?

If you have old unused bank notes, there are many ways to sell them, some can even be exchanged for better modern bank notes.

But remember that not all banks will accept the usual exchange rate.

Compiled from various sources, below are how to sell old coins and where to exchange them that you need to know.

1. Selling old coins to collectors

Old coins are one of the antiques that buyers are hunting for.  (CNN Indonesia/Hesti Rika)How to sell old coins to collectors (Photo: CNN Indonesia/Hesti Rika)

In Indonesia, there are many old money collectors and they usually accept different types of old money from different countries through metal to paper.

In addition, collectors also have their own tendency to identify types of old coins that have high resale value.

If you are one of those people who collects old coins, and you want to sell them for ‘money’, it never hurts to offer them directly to collectors.

But make sure that the recipient is approved or comes from an agency to avoid being scammed.

2. Buy through the market

The next way to sell old money is to sell it yourself through the market. However, you should already know the right selling price for your antique collection.

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All you have to do is place an ad in the market you want, by writing details about the nature of the money and how much is available.

So information about selling old money is more widespread, there is no harm in sharing it on social media such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, or Facebook.

By selling them online, you will be more relaxed to wait for buyers interested in buying old coins.

3. Exchange to Bank Indonesia

In addition to being sold, the old currency can also be exchanged directly to Bank Indonesia so that it can be used again for business transactions.

The public can exchange the announced cancellation of printing within 10 years from the date of cancellation.

Reporting from the BI site, these old coins and paper money can be exchanged at the Central Bank of Indonesia in Jakarta or at the Central Bank of Indonesia Representative Office.

To find a list of old coins that are still valid for exchange, please visit follow the link.

If your old coins are not listed in the BI exchange chart, the alternative is the same way as above, which is to sell them to collectors or advertise them yourself through social media.

These are some ways to sell old money and where to exchange them that you can try yourself according to your needs.


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