3 Ways to Keep Chicken in the Fridge for Months

3 Ways to Keep Chicken in the Fridge for Months


Fresh chicken that you buy can not cook right away. Therefore, it is important to know how to store chicken in the refrigerator properly like this.

This method is useful for this situation mushroom The raw material is still good and is kept fresh even though it is not processed into food.

Before going to the stage of storage, you need to know the characteristics of good, fresh, and healthy mushrooms.

Because if the purchased chicken meat is not of good quality, it will affect the condition of the chicken so that it will not last long even if it is stored properly.

Information on the shelf life of food in refrigerators and freezersInformation on the life cycle of food in the refrigerator and freezer (Photo: CNNIndonesia/Basith Subastian)

Characteristics of Fresh Chicken Meat

If you are buying mushrooms in the market or supermarket, pay attention to the following characteristics to determine the quality.

  • Mushroom meat

The fresh mushroom has a thick texture. When pressed, the meat will return to its original shape.

If after pressing the meat is bent, this is a sign that the chicken is not fresh anymore.

  • Pink chicken

The pink color is one of the characteristics that the chicken meat is still fresh or not long.

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Different if the color is white, it means the meat was cut after a day. If it is blue in color, do not buy it because it is a sign of bacterial contamination.

The smell of fresh chicken meat is limited to a mild fishy smell and can disappear from the hands after washing with clean water.

While the chicken meat is not fresh, the smell is strong like rotten blood, organs, stings, and slime.

How To Keep Chicken In The Refrigerator To Last Longer

Frozen chicken in the cold on the tableExample. How to store chicken meat in the refrigerator to keep it in a good and clean condition (Photo: iStockphoto/Photosiber)

Summarized from various sources, here’s how to store chicken meat in the refrigerator that is correct, safe, and clean.

1. Mushrooms do not need to be washed

When you get home, you can immediately store the chicken in its plastic packaging in the freezer without first cleaning it.

This should be done as soon as possible to avoid spoilage and chicken meat is not contaminated with some bacteria that destroy its quality.

At least, do not leave the chicken at room temperature for more than one to two hours, especially if the air temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius.

However, if the trip from the supermarket to home is too long, be sure to ask for ice from the butcher to keep it fresh.

2. Keep the chicken in a closed container

Another way to store chicken in the refrigerator is to use an airtight container such as a jar, zip-lock plastic, or wrapped in plastic.

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Sealed containers can help extend the life of mushrooms so they don’t rot as quickly.

In addition, the benefit of using closed containers can reduce the fishy smell of chicken meat so that it does not spread to other foods in the refrigerator.

3. Put the chicken in the freezer

It is also important to put the chicken immediately in the freezer so that it lasts longer. The temperature of the freezer used should be at -18 degrees Celsius for freezing.

This is useful to prevent the growth of fungi and other bacteria such as Salmonella or Listeria-bacteria that cause food allergies.

After it is properly packed and stored inside freezer, The shelf life of raw chicken can be up to 12 months or a year, it means Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Currently if stored in cooler, Raw chicken has a shelf life of 2 days only. Therefore, the place and temperature of mushroom storage is very important.

In addition, the three ways to store chicken in the refrigerator as above, it is important to make sure that the purchased chicken is still fresh or has been cut.


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