3 ways to clean children’s ears other than using cotton buds

3 ways to clean children’s ears other than using cotton buds


Same with adults, how to clean ears Children should not be neglected.

If you usually depend cotton bud or a matchstick made of it stainless steel to clean the ear, from now on it is better to stop.

Pediatrician (ENT) Nandini Govil is mentioned by the site Choa.org, benefit cotton bud It is not recommended to clean children’s ears whose holes are small.

“Cleaning children’s ears using cotton swabs can cause ear infections from outside,” said Dr. Govil.

He also considered that cotton cotton swabs likely to leave in the ear. So don’t go too deep when inserting it, except to clean the ear area.

Note that earwax will come out on its own due to the impact of jaw movements when chewing or speaking.

So, don’t force your ear to be pinched because it can damage your hearing.

How To Clean Children’s Ears

An otologist puts a drop in the patient's ear.  ear pain and blocked ears thoughtExample. How to clean children’s ears safely (Photo: iStockphoto/ronstik)

Parents are advised to switch to the following methods which are considered safer for ear cleaning in children.

1. Laundry

The first way to wash a child’s ear is to use detergent and do it after the child has finished bathing.

An earlobe that pops out on its own will usually be easily visible from the end of the hole, so just wipe it off with a soft washcloth.

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After removing the earwax from inside, don’t forget to clean the area around the earlobe as well.

2. Throwing the ear

In addition to using detergent, hardened earwax should be cleaned using a dropper.

These drops work to soften stubborn dirt to make it easier to come out for cleaning.

You can buy over-the-counter ear drops at a pharmacy without a prescription. Just drop the drug once a week in the child’s ear.

3. Ask an ENT doctor for help

If the earwax accumulates inward, hardens, and often causes pain, itching, or hearing loss, immediately see an ENT doctor.

In this case, avoid using stainless steel to try to remove it. But take your child to the nearest ENT doctor for a thorough checkup.

The doctor will then monitor the condition of the child’s ear in order to clean it again and avoid any ear problems that may be caused by them.

Tips for Cleaning Children’s Ears

Cover the ears of the little boy.Examples of tips to protect children’s ears (Photo: Istockphoto/Techin24)

In addition to knowing how to clean ears safely, parents also need to know ways to protect children’s ears.

  • Have a regular ear exam at an ENT doctor.
  • Avoid using cotton balls or cotton swabs, which risk pushing earwax deeper into the ear.
  • Never put ear candles or irons in a child’s ear as there is a risk of injuring the ear canal and causing an infection.
  • The best time to clean the ears is once every 2 weeks.
  • Children’s ears should also be protected from noise pollution, especially loud sounds.

This is how to clean children’s ears safely and tips to keep them healthy and avoid other ear problems.

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