3 ways of spreading AIDS, not just through sex

3 ways of spreading AIDS, not just through sex


Case HIV in the city of Bandung, West Java is said to have increased. The data released by the AIDS Control Agency (KPA) shows that the number of HIV/AIDS patients in Flower town reached 5,943 between 1991-2021.

Because of this great event, talk started polygamy given by the deputy governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum. He said polygamy can reduce HIV infection because men do not eat outside.

In this regard, is it true that AIDS is only transmitted through sex?

The Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), Prof. Zubairi Djoerban stated that AIDS is not only transmitted through sex. There are many other activities that can lead to the spread of disease.

“Of course, sex is the first, but there are other things that can make her addicted, not just focusing on sex,” said Zubairi when contacted, Tuesday ( 30/8).

Here are some activities that can cause a person to get HIV besides sex.

1. Narcotics

People who use drugs are very vulnerable to HIV infection. First, narcotics are dispensed using syringes.

Sharing needles and syringes is prone to infections.

“Then tell me say no to drugs” she said.

2. Syringes are not sterile

Close-up of a female professional injecting enhancement pills into the arm of a female colleagueExample. Syringes are another way of spreading HIV besides having sex. (iStockphoto/Oleksandra Polishchuk)

Syringe use is not just for drugs. This transmission can also happen when you donate blood or other activities that require needles.

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If the syringe used is not sterile, HIV infection can occur. It is important to use and confirm new syringes when you are doing medical tests.

3. Pregnant and lactating women

Mothers with HIV are at risk of passing the virus to their babies. Especially, if the mother experiences drug withdrawal or does not continue her HIV treatment.

“HIV can be controlled, you take medicine regularly so you don’t get sick, you are not hospitalized, you can get married and have children and their children are not the problem is that many people stop taking the medicine. Nahthis is dangerous,” he said.


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