3 reasons to use a carbon-free notebook to create your quotes

3 reasons to use a carbon-free notebook to create your quotes

In an increasingly digital world, the question of why citations are written on carbonless media may seem legitimate. However, there are many reasons why it can be advantageous to opt for carbonless paper deals. Here are 3 reasons to use a carbon-free notebook to create your quotes.

Why keep writing offers on paper?

There are many reasons why you can keep going Write paper quotes despite all electronic possibilities. Paper quotations are, among other things, tangible documents. Because unlike quotes that are sent via email or other electronic means, paper quotes can be printed out and kept safe in physical folders or filing cabinets. This can be particularly useful in the event of a dispute or to prove that the customer has accepted the offer as presented.

The other reason is that many customers still prefer paper offers. Although more and more people are familiar with technology, there are still people who stay away from online transactions as much as possible. They prefer to refer to paper documents rather than files on the Internet. For these customers, receiving a paper quote can be more reassuring and help them feel more confident about their decision to hire a service provider.

These documents may eventually appear as a more personal form of communication with the customer. In fact, when an offer is sent via email, it can easily be ignored or treated as a simple commercial document. On the other hand, a paper estimate can help build a close relationship of closeness and trust between you and the customer.

The carbonless notebook, a useful support for your offers

Proposal writing is an important step in the business relationship between a professional and their clients. It is therefore essential to create clear, precise and professional offers to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and the success of its business. In this context, the carbonless notebook proves to be a very useful tool for Write your paper quotes.

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The main advantage of this support is the great ease of use. You can use it to quickly make one or more copies of your quote for your records and for your clients without having to use a copier or scanner. All you have to do is fill in the first sheet of the notebook with the information from the estimate. The copies are then automatically made on the following sheets thanks to a system of microcapsules between the sheets. This can be very handy when you are out in the field and need to make an urgent offer to a customer.

It is therefore a medium that offers you the opportunity to save time and Simplify your quotation process. Carbonless notebooks are also designed to reproduce faithful copies with impeccable print quality. Your paper offerings will be:

  • clear,
  • readable,
  • professional.

Thanks to the pre-printed numbering On each sheet, tracking your offers finally becomes very easy. You can know exactly how many offers have been created and sent. In this way you can better organize your commercial activity and correctly track your orders.

Quickly create multiple copies of your notes

The carbonless notebook is an efficient and convenient tool that allows you to quickly create multiple copies of a document. This is because carbonless media comes with special arcs that help transfer ink or pencil to subsequent arcs. This gives you the ability to create identical copies in a single write.

If your activity requires regular note-taking, support for carbonless paper can be a real asset. In fact, it allows you to have copies of your notes without having to copy them every time. This saves you time and energy and at the same time prevents transmission error this can happen when you need to copy the notes manually.

It is particularly useful for professionals who need to provide copies of their various notes to their clients, their accountant or their administrative department. This will help you keep all important information accurate in one safe place and provide a copy to all relevant parties.

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The carbonless notebook is finally easy to transport, which is what sets it apart a handy tool for very active relationship professionals such as deliverers or waiters in restaurants. Simply slip the notebook into your pocket or bag to always have something handy to jot down notes and make copies.

Many models of carbonless notebooks

THE carbonless notebooks are available in different models to adapt to the different needs of professionals. You can find various models online, ranging from small pocket notebooks to larger notebooks. In general, different formats are offered:

  • A3: 420x297mm
  • A4: 210*297mm
  • A5: 148*210mm
  • A6: 105*148mm

In addition to these standard formats, however, you have the option Adjust the size of your notebook that best suits your specific needs. For example, if you travel a lot, a small pocket notebook might be more practical. If you work in the office most of the time, a larger notebook might be more suitable. Carbonless notebooks can also be made with different numbers of copies per sheet: double, triple, quadricata…

Regarding the design, it is possible to personalize your carbonless notebook with your logo, your contact details or any other information of your company that you want to stand out. You can also choose the color (white, yellow, green, blue, pink…) and the type of paper (weight) according to your preferences and needs.

Personalization can also affect the cover of the notebook. You have the choice between softcover and hardcover. In addition, some specialists offer binder-type hole placement options. In terms of storage, this is a very convenient option. Carbonless notebooks can finally be ordered with additional features. These can be serial numbers for better traceability, tear-off sheets for more convenient use, and auto-numbering for better organization.

Other uses of the carbonless notebook

The carbonless notebook is a practical and versatile tool for many administrative tasks.


The carbonless notebook is an interesting support for the Creation of invoices, especially for small businesses or the self-employed. With this notebook model, you no longer need a printer or billing software.

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This can be particularly useful for SMEs that don’t need to issue a lot of invoices or are constantly on the move. With the carbonless notebook, you can easily make copies of your invoices to complete your accounting records. This gives you the ability to keep track of all your issued invoices and facilitate bookkeeping. The copies made on the following sheets of the notebook are exact copies of the original. This makes it easy to keep copies for your records without having to copy them every time.

confirmation of the order

Using the carbonless notebook as a confirmation of the order is a recurring practice in many companies. Carbonless media allows for the rapid capture of customer orders on paper with the option to receive a copy after the original has been given to the customer. This can be useful in work environments where computers and tablets are not always convenient or available. The copies of orders automatically created on the following sheets can also be used for order tracking and archiving.

delivery note

The delivery note is also a good way to use a carbon-free notebook. This is a handy method for businesses that want to track and log shipments to their customers. Carbonless notebooks help create a copy of the delivery while you write on the first sheet.

This can be very useful in the transport sector, for example, where you need a double copy for delivery notes. One is kept for the courier and the second by the customer who receives the goods. This allows you to track shipments and create proof of delivery.

contract support

Even in conclusion of contract, it can be useful to use carbonless sheets. Carbonless media offer the ability to quickly create two or even three faithful copies that can be kept by the parties involved. The method is also suitable for companies that want to receive a printed copy of a signed contract immediately.