3 Common Ear Cleaning Mistakes

3 Common Ear Cleaning Mistakes


Ears It is one of the most important parts of the human body. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when cleaning their ears.

Some bad habits when cleaning the ears need to be avoided. The reason is, proper cleaning can help keep the ears healthy.

In addition to hearing, the ears also help balance the body and can have a significant impact on health.

Taking care of the ears with care is a big responsibility for everyone, cleaning them is important.

There are many types of ear care. One of them is cleaning the ears.

Based on various sources, here are some bad habits when cleaning the ears that many people still do.

1. Clean it every day

Ear cleaning is important when there is a problem with the ear. This method is the best way to maintain ear health.

Unfortunately, many people do this too often.

Cleaning the ears every day is considered too much. Given different information, earplugs or earplugs are important for good ear health because they are effective in fighting infection.

Basically, each ear has the ability to excrete wax on its own. The eardrum may pop out on its own due to jaw movements while chewing or talking.

Therefore, cleaning the ears every day can lead to the risk of health problems due to frequent ear loss.

2. Using headphones

an example of an earExample. Benefit cotton bud, one of the bad habits when cleaning the ears. (iStockphoto)

Using headphones or cotton bud To remove the wax is one of the most commonly used ear cleaning methods. Unfortunately, this is also an ear cleaning mistake.

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In fact, the thickness of the cotton can push the dirt further into the ear canal.

This condition will have a negative effect on hearing and can cause damage to the ear canal. If this happens, there will be serious problems with the ear.

3. Using ear candles or ear medicated candles

Many experts said ear candles does not work in cleaning the ears. Instead, using ear candles has the potential to harm the ears.

Tests have shown that wax produces the same residue on the ear.

In the worst case, this can actually puncture the eardrum and cause burns.

These are some bad habits when cleaning the ears. Avoid as much as possible if you want to keep your ears healthy.


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