28-year-old Lee Je Hoon tried to “flirt” with 18-year-old Suzy.

28-year-old Lee Je Hoon tried to “flirt” with 18-year-old Suzy.

Actor Lee Je Hoon once bridged a 10-year age gap to show “Same Age Acting” and chemistry with Suzy.

On the April 19 episode of “You Quiz on the Block,” Lee Je Hoon made a guest appearance and reminisced about his experiences with “the nation’s first love” Suzie on “Architecture 101.” Specifically, the actor said: “There is a 10 year age difference between Suzy and me. She was 18 at the time. I felt a bit like an old man.

On “You Quiz on the Block,” Lee Je Hoon also shared an anecdote about how he tried to get close to Suzy by cracking silly jokes. He also broke out laughter and wondered if Suzy thought “Why is that old man acting like this?” at that time.

Then the actor added: “We always keep in touch on special occasions. I recently saw her work on “Anna” and texted her that I really liked it.

Lee Je Hoon and Suzy co-starred in the movie “Architecture 101,” which released 11 years ago, brought new excitement to the entire nation and made Suzy an icon of “the nation’s first love.”

The then 18-year-old Suzy and 10-year-old Lee Je Hoon played 20-year-old college students and performed the “first love” that made the audience’s hearts beat faster.


Meanwhile, Lee Je Hoon said in an interview: “Suzy has matured and become more beautiful. It appears to have a broad spectrum of activity. I can’t wait to see her more as an actress and would love to see her again.

At the same time, Lee Je Hoon expressed his desire to make a romance film.


With Lee Je Hoon sharing, netizens are now hoping to see her again, leaving comments like: “Please make a romance film together again”, “Please make it a grown-up romance this time”, etc “I want to check their chemistry.”

Source: Daum

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