2-year-old baby found on the street after fleeing a crèche in Yvelines: “My son will not go there again,” testifies his mother

2-year-old baby found on the street after fleeing a crèche in Yvelines: “My son will not go there again,” testifies his mother

On Wednesday January 11, Jawed, a 2-year-old child, escaped surveillance at a daycare center in Limay in the Yvelines and wandered for 30 minutes before being found by two teenagers. When asked by CNEWS, the child’s mother stated that her son “won’t go to kindergarten anymore” due to the “lack of security.”

She was afraid for her life. Inès is the mother of Jawed, a 2-year-old child who managed to escape the vigilance of the guards of a kindergarten in Limay (Yvelines) on January 11 before wandering in the street for half an hour. He is eventually found by two teenagers before being taken back to the reception structure.

Contacted by CNEWS, the young mother gave her version of the facts. Little Jawed’s “runaway” was due to “an emergency exit that was left open because the person who was supposed to be watching him was cleaning,” she said.

“They were three children that day. But Jawed didn’t want to sleep, unlike the other little babies. My son’s counselor took him out of the dorm and into the play area. I don’t know by what miracle she completely forgot he was there. Arriving at the scene of the crime, the director noticed that a child was missing, ”testified the mother, whose video published on the social network TikTok has received almost 5 million views.

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“Jawed had been outside for thirty minutes when the nurses noticed an infant was missing. They went looking for him. First within the establishment, with no results. Then they decided to examine the surroundings only with their eyes. There was a co-director who was with them and she ran off to look for my kid,” she added.

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Inès also tells that on Monday January 16th she had the version of the two teenagers who found their child (and not a single teenager as originally progressed, Ed) in the middle of the street and explained that caught her attention became, “everyone saw his son, but no one came to his aid”.

If the two young people didn’t know who Jawed belonged to or even where he came from at that moment, they still had the reflex to ask him the right questions, like “Where’s your dad? where is your mother ?”. Similarly, “the two teenagers went with him towards the crèche”, specifies Inès, who adds that finally “the co-director came running. She took Jawed without giving any further explanation. I think , at that very moment the members of the establishment called.”

“It leaves time to make scenarios”

A call from the nursery will therefore follow to inform Inès and her husband about the course of events. “My husband had the co-director on the phone. I vaguely heard “disorder” and “kindergarten”, I didn’t try to understand, I got dressed, I ran into the car to get it back”. “It still took a few minutes, there is time to make scenarios , it was very difficult,” she continued.

Inès said she eventually filed a complaint against the facility in question, which apologized to her for the incident while ensuring that her son “won’t go to kindergarten anymore.”

“He will stay by my side, it will be safer for him. When we got to the scene, we took Jawed with us. I had time to make the video because I didn’t want to leave the nursery without a detailed account of the incident signed by the director. I wanted it to be in writing to give more weight to my complaint,” she concluded.

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Contacted by CNEWS this Tuesday, January 17, the daycare did not respond to our inquiries.