2 Types of Monkey Bark Groups, Must Be Aware

2 Types of Monkey Bark Groups, Must Be Aware


monkey bone It is still one of the infectious diseases that should be taken care of, especially after a resident of DKI Jakarta tested positive for monkeypox.

You must be wondering, who gets ringworm, are you one of them?

Dermatologist and dermatologist at Friendship Hospital Adi Satriyo said that in Indonesia, it is not known which group is susceptible to the disease. He said that so far there has been no outbreak of the disease in the house, nor has it spread in the country.

“Patients who have been declared recovered are also infected after traveling, so it is not confirmed who is vulnerable,” Adi said in an interview on Radio Indonesia Health, Tuesday (30/8) ).

However, Adi said that currently there are two groups that should be cautious. It is possible that both groups are more susceptible to monkeypox.

According to Adi, the following two groups are considered to be vulnerable to smallpox infection in Indonesia, as long as there is no domestic outbreak;

1. Health workers

The people most at risk are health workers. It was laboratory workers, health workers in the ventilation facilities, and even doctors. Adi said that this group must be vaccinated against monkeypox.

“The most vulnerable in all groups, of course, are health workers. Therefore, to protect them, they must be given emergency precautions,” he said.

2. Returning from abroad

In the case of health workers, the most vulnerable people are those who have traveled abroad recently. Especially those who travel to countries where smallpox is common.

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“Because in a foreign country, you can go on a tour to places where there are a lot of people, or even if you are staying in a hotel, your room will be an old person who is infected with monkeypox,” said Adi.

Therefore, for those who have returned from vacation or traveled abroad, it is better to wait and observe the health regulations. In addition, it is recommended to maintain a high immune system.

“This can be done by eating well, the main thing is to keep the immune system from falling,” he said.


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