2 Types of Food That Are ‘Must’ to Use Red Rooster Bowl

2 Types of Food That Are ‘Must’ to Use Red Rooster Bowl


In Indonesia, bowl chicken Red cock is the easiest to find. In almost every home, on average, there must be a red cock that appears on one side or on both sides.

You can also find this red rooster motif bowl when you eat at street food stalls. It is not without reason that these food vendors choose fancy bowls for their food.

That said, this rooster motif bowl can bring good luck. This rooster in a bowl is not just anyone’s picture.

In Chinese belief, a rooster with a comb is believed to bring good luck. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why food vendors use red rooster bowls.

Indeed, of all the dishes that use a red combed bowl, here are some dishes that use a rooster bowl:

1. Meatballs

This soup dish is the favorite of almost all Indonesians. Who dares to turn down a warm meat sauce when it’s raining with added pepper as a bonus. The smell hit his nose.

Interestingly, most street vendors serve their food in red rooster bowls. Sensation or not, but that is the truth.

2. Chicken Noodles

The second dish that is often eaten with a bowl of red rooster is none other than chicken.

Although it is often served raw, the chicken is not tasty if it is not eaten in a bowl, especially a bowl of chicken-colored legend.


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