2 Types of Food For Pregnant People

2 Types of Food For Pregnant People


Actually, no food cause of stye. However, some foods are known to cause mood swings style worse.

Stye or hordeolum is one of the most common eye diseases. Another style causes red bumps near the eyelids.

Generally, a stye is caused by bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. First, this is dead skin cells or sweat that accumulate to block the oil glands on the eyelids.

Speaking of pages Cleveland Clinicthis building creates bacteria that cause an infection to cause a stye.

Other factors that can cause a stye are stress and hormonal changes. When you feel stressed, the body produces many compounds and hormones to cause eyelash.

Foods to avoid during Stye

Certain foods are known to cause a stye to get worse. This is a list, citing different sources.

1. Foods that are high in fat

Fatty foods such as fried foods or anything fried is one of the foods that should be avoided.

Concentrate Taipei Timesa study done in Taiwan in 2013 found an increase in the number of children with stye due to high consumption of foods, such as french fries.

An ophthalmologist said that eating fatty foods and not drinking mineral water can lead to excessive production of the chemical. This condition will eventually lead to a stye.

2. High protein diet

Foods high in protein, such as eggs, are thought to increase eyelid inflammation caused by a stye. These foods need to be avoided for the stye to disappear quickly.

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However, so far no research has shown a direct link between eating eggs and stye.


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