18 Images & Gifs Of Female K-Pop Idols That Got Viral In The Last Year – Kpopnews

18 Images & Gifs Of Female K-Pop Idols That Got Viral In The Last Year – Kpopnews

With so many rookie K-pop girl groups debuting to great acclaim over the past year, there have been plenty of instances where their members have had some viral moments! Recently, on a Korean online forum, netizens shared various images and GIFs of female idols (and other celebrities) that have gone viral over the past year, and it’s easy to see why. Exuding beauty and charm, the idols depicted in these images are absolutely captivating.

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Here are 18 of those images and gifs that have gone viral over the past year!

1. Photo by IVE fansite Jang Wonyoung at K-CON in Germany.

2. Photo by ITZY Yuna from the performance of “U-Go-Girl” above KBS Song Festival 2022.

3. Karina von Aespa at the YSL event.

4. Jiwoo by NMIXX at the Loewe x Howl’s Moving Castle pop-up store.

5. Haerin from NMIXX looks adorable in a baseball cap.

6. Kazuha in the early days of LE SSERAFIM.

7. Han So Hee at the Charlotte Tilbury event in England for the brand’s ‘Classic Glamor Collection’.

8. Liz d’IVE in Olive Young’s “Olive Young Vegan Beauty” campaign.

9. Hanni from NewJeans in a Countdown M Spectacle “Hype Boy”.

10. Kim Yoo Jung looks majestic in a romantic costume.

11. Aespa Winter fancam thumbnail for the performance of “Step Back” by GOT the Beat.

12. The flawless elegance of NMIXX Sullyoon in believe.


13. Wedding photos of figure skating champion Kim Yuna.

14. What an MV gif of Minji from NewJeans.

15. Go to the Yoon Jung Blue Dragon Prize.

16. New Haerin jeans “Do you see” during a performance.

17. Aespa Winter at the Korea University Festival.

18. And finally, this GIF of Karina de Aespa during a performance of “Illusion.”

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This is how people react to viral images!

fountain: Pann Nate and Pann Choa