18 Global Companies That Are Just BTS Stans Posing As Companies Kpop News

18 Global Companies That Are Just BTS Stans Posing As Companies Kpop News

bts‘s ARMY fan base is filled with hit stans from Jean Cena to Lizzo. They also have entire corporations and companies supporting them! Most use their influence and verified status on social media to promote BTS (as they should).

Here are 18 professional accounts that are basically BTS Stan accounts:

1. Bagel Bites

Bagel Bites is perhaps one of the most popular shopping accounts in the ARMY community on Twitter. They tweet about BTS frequently and even reply to BTS tweets from the brand’s account.

2. Chips Ahoy!

Similar to Bagel Bites, Chips Ahoy! appears in replies to BTS tweets.

They are also the ones who tweet about BTS frequently, especially when something big is happening like when the group is performing Saturday night live.

3. NBC Entertainment

If Jimmy Fallon organized “BTS Week”. Tonight’s showNBC Entertainment tweeted their excitement.

They inspired the entire crew to get involved, including Bait.

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4. McDonald’s

Today, McDonald’s announced what will soon become one of the most iconic collaborations of all time. Since the news of BTS Meal, McDonald’s has turned out to be quite the ARMY.

5. Starbucks

This viral tweet will forever remain iconic.

6. Mobile Samsung

No surprise given BTS’ partnership with them. Samsung even released a BTS edition of its S20+ 5G phone and Galaxy Buds.

7. Guinness World Records

Considering BTS is constantly breaking records, it makes sense.

8. The whole MATTEL band

Since MATTEL’s collaboration with BTS for their line of BTS dolls and the BTS Edition of HIMthe two official accounts for MATTEL, UNO, hot tyresetc Barbie Responding to other brand accounts with BTS-related tweets.

9. Semrush

This software company is just as excited about McDonald’s BTS Meal as we are, and that’s saying a lot.

10. Butter fingers

That wasn’t a surprise considering they were featured in the “Fake Love” music video!

11. Heineken

The fact that BTS Heineken is now cheating with lotte Kloud beer from Chilsung. 🥺

12. Goal

Target has evolved into a low profile K-Pop store and we agree with that 100%.

13. Red box

Since Redbox is BTS, they shouldn’t have that burn the stage or Bon Voyage for rent?

They even revealed their bias!

14. Pantene and Tresemme

Only BTS can bring rival contestants together…even when it comes to whether BTS likes them more.


When Target’s 2020 Wrapped came out to reveal them as the BTS Stan we knew they were, Spotify showed their approval!

16. Waze

Even GPS navigation apps are BTS compatible!

17. Hell’s Kitchen

This one was the least expected to be honest.

18. Burger King

Poor BK… Who will tell you the news?

They were one of the most vocal BTS Stans ever. 🥺

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