15+ NewJeans brand offerings that prove their incredible global impact and style adaptability Kpop News

15+ NewJeans brand offerings that prove their incredible global impact and style adaptability Kpop News

New jeans continues to amaze netizens with their ever-growing list of achievements as one of K-pop’s top 4th generation girl groups.

(From left to right 🙂 Haerin, Minji, Hyein, Danielle, Hanni from NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Since debuting less than a year ago, the group has been sought after by some of the world’s biggest brands. Out of Apple pour MC Donalds Through individual agreements with seven luxury designer brands, NewJeans has demonstrated its incredible global impact and adaptability to the brands’ individual styles.

Here are 18 of their band brand endorsement deals they’ve received since releasing their first surprise single in July 2022.

1. SK Telecom

Promotional photo by NewJeans SK Telecom.

In September 2022, NewJeans entered into a partnership with SK Telecom to appear in an ad for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro. Their colorful and stylish streetwear immediately caught fans’ attention, showing the group’s effortless trend.

2. O!Hello

Model NewJeans “O!Oi”.

NewJeans has a partnership with Hello! in October 2022, sporting college style and modeling the chic clothing brand.

3. Mega study

NewJeans promotes “MegaStudy”.

megastudy used NewJeans’ mega star power to advertise MegaPassa service by the online survey company in October 2022. Members sported a relaxed, chic, girl-next-door style in the company’s promotions.

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4. Banque Shin-Han

NewJeans promotes ShinHan Sol for ShinHan Bank.

NewJeans shot two commercials for Banque Shin-Han in October 2022 as the face of Shinhan Sol (aka SOL), a financial app launched by Bank Corporation.

5. Pinkfong

NewJeans promotes “Pinkfong”.

In October 2022, NewJeans displayed a youthful image by collaborating with pinkfongthe popular YouTube channel that premiered “Baby Shark” and posted an adorable dance video to “Ninimo Song”.

6. His rejection

Model NewJeans “Musinsa”.

NewJeans has embraced a more mature and relaxed image in its first global campaign his disbeliefa Korean fashion start-up, in December 2022.

7. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Craft and Design Foundation

NewJeans sponsors the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Craft and Design Foundation

The group started the new year with a promotion with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism etc Korea Foundation for Crafts and Designfilming a video showing traditional Korean paper, Colon.

8.LG electronics

Modeling NewJeans with their limited edition LG laptop.

In January 2023, NewJeans also collaborated with LG electronicslaunch a lovely limited edition laptop.


NewModel CARIN Jeans Spring/Summer 2023 Collection.

NewJeans showed retro style while modeling the Spring/Summer 2023 eyewear collection CARIN in February 2023.

10. City of Seoul

NewJeans is named Honorary Ambassador of the City of Seoul. | News

NewJeans once again showed its cultural impact in February 2023 when it was named Honorary Ambassador of the City of Seoul.

11. McDonald’s

NewJeans promotes their meal together for McDonald’s Korea.

NewJeans joined other K-pop groups, bts etc ITZY, in collaboration with McDonald’s. In February 2023, McDonald’s Korea released a collaboration with NewJeans, showing the group’s signature Y2K style in advertisements for their partnership.

12. Apple

NewJeans at the new Apple location in Gangnam.

For the official opening of Apple’s Gangnam Store in March 2023, NewJeans partnered with the company to provide a special pop-up session experience for customers visiting the new location.

13th Seoul Fashion Week

Before Fashion Week in SeoulNewJeans was named the fashion event’s global PR ambassador in March 2023 with a trendy Y2K streetwear style in promotional images.

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14. Smell

NewJeans colored contact lenses modeling Olens.

NewJeans showed a more colorful and youthful image with its promotional images for Korean colored contact lenses in March 2023. Smell.

15. Nike

Nike NewShaping jeans.

In March 2023, NewJeans also starred Nikefrom the Air Max campaign, fashionable and sporty in well-known sportswear.

16. Levi’s

Jeans model New Levi’s.

NewJeans displayed a classic 90s image in Levi’s after being named Global Ambassadors in March 2023.

17. Coca-Cola

NewJeans promotes Coca-Cola Zero.

NewJeans was also named Global Ambassador for Coke in March 2023, in their Coca-Cola Zero campaign and with the release of a catchy song for the partnership, “Zero”.

18. Steinhenge

NewJeans’ latest brand deal involves the Korean jewelry brand STONEHENGE in April 2023. The members presented a mature and classy image while modeling the beautiful jewelry.

This impressive list does not include individual Creator Ambassadors who have earned members. Check out this list below!

The luxury brands that every NewJeans member is an ambassador of