15 HIV AIDS Myths You Don’t Need To Believe Anymore

15 HIV AIDS Myths You Don’t Need To Believe Anymore


Case HIV in the city of Bandung, West Java increased. There are many myths about HIV circulating today.

The data released by the AIDS Control Agency (KPA) shows that the number of HIV/AIDS patients in Flower town reached 5,943 between 1991-2021.

It is because of this great issue that a speech was made on polygamy by the deputy governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum. He said polygamy can reduce HIV infection because men do not eat outside.

In this regard, is it true that AIDS is only transmitted through sex?

Here are some myths about AIDS that are often spread.

1. Transmission through the razor

Sharing razors between families and barbershops does not spread HIV/AIDS. The virus is easily killed in the air.

However, it is not recommended to use different razors, not because of the spread of HIV, but because of hygiene problems.

2. AIDS can be transmitted through food

HIV/AIDS is not spread through social contact, including sharing food with PLWHA. He also explained that the virus exists today, tears and sweat but a lot and is not strong enough to spread to other people.

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3. It is spread through canned food that has been injected with the blood of an infected person.

The HIV virus can be killed if it is outside the body. Canned food in its processing goes through sterilization so that the virus dies.

4. Proliferate by kissing

This assumption is incorrect and includes one of the myths of HIV AIDS. Because the HIV virus in the lips is small and it is not enough to spread it to other people through kissing.

The HIV virus resides in T cells, a part of a person’s white blood cells. T cells are found in all body fluids, but are most abundant in blood, genital fluid, semen and breast milk.

5. Spread by injection in the cinema seat

Regardless of the presence of needles in the cinema seats or not, the HIV virus easily dies in the air. Homeless germs that are blood, genital fluid, semen and breast milk, will die in less than a minute.

6. It spreads while swimming in public swimming pools

While swimming you may feel a strong odor or the hair is turning violently. This means the swimming pool contains chlorine. Experts say that the HIV virus will die if exposed to chlorine.

15 HIV AIDS Myths You Don’t Need To Believe Anymore