15 hits by Claude François that should not be missing even 45 years after his death

15 hits by Claude François that should not be missing even 45 years after his death

It was March 11, 1978: at the height of his fame, Claude François left us after being electrocuted in his bathtub. He leaves behind an immeasurable musical legacy.

It is March 11, 1978, and Claude François is expected to be on the set of a broadcast by Michel Drucker. He will never come. As he gets ready and showers at home, he touches the light to turn it back on. He is electrocuted. This ends a career that began 16 years earlier. 45 years after his death, Claude François continues to sell many records.

What titles have shaped the singer’s career?

1/ As always

We forget too much that this song that went around the world and was recorded by the likes of Franck Sinatra under the title “My Way” is actually a Claude François song written after his breakup with France Gall.

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2/ folk song

It is undoubtedly one of the singer’s great hits with his chorus that goes away and comes back!

3/ Monday in the sun

A new hit by Claude François written by another star of the 70’s: Patrick Juvet!

4/ The phone is crying

With little Frédérique, who doesn’t lack presence next to the singer in a song that can seem very sad

5/ Magnolias forever

France has hit the disco wave and you can hear it with this latest big hit from Claude François

6/ Alexandria Alexandra

Everyone still knows the song … and probably the choreography in all memories

7/ Beautiful beautiful beautiful

Get back to the yéyés with this singer’s first hit and a clip that smells good of the ’60s

8/ This year

“Belles belles belles” was so important in 1962 that Claude François made a song out of it… updated by Yannick!

9/ Belinda

A beautiful song in rhythm that we cannot forget

10/ I’m going to Rio

A song that smells of the frenzied rhythms of South America and, above all, one more hit

11/ That’s how we made love

A pretty song that the singer performs with Kathleen, one of his companions

12/ The extraordinary toy

A song that says “Zip” while riding, “Bap” while spinning, “Brrr” while walking…

13/ The unfortunate singer

The singer’s melancholy can be felt in many songs, starting with this one… in the style of Comme d’habitu

14/ The beloved email

Taken together, these two songs give the artist a darker face

15/ I sing for you

« May my songs follow you from happiness to happiness! What better way to end this retrospective than this great song for its audience about the music of “A la claire fontaine” … Sad even as a harbinger of something …

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“For you I exist, it is you who sings for me
So no matter what, I’m a lover
We’ve loved each other for a long time, I’ll never forget you”