137 people (including Ravi and Nafla) prosecuted for illegally evading military service – K-GEN

137 people (including Ravi and Nafla) prosecuted for illegally evading military service – K-GEN

137 people are being prosecuted.

It was recently revealed that police are investigating a group of people who are working with a neurologist to help wealthy people avoid (or reduce) military service by providing false medical records.

Then, last January, it was revealed that the group had been arrested by the police for sending their “clients” (wealthy people) to a neurologist at a major Seoul hospital to receive a false diagnosis of epilepsy, and this, in order to do this, obtain exemption from military service or demotion to civilian service for their service instead of performing active military service as a soldier.

Ravi (VIXX) was particularly suspected of using this device to evade active duty, just like Actor Song Duk Ho.

Ravi had denied his involvement in this scandal, while Song Duk Ho had admitted his guilt and left the drama he was filming.

Police later released the names of the 42 men who used bribes to forge their medical documents to avoid their service or to circumvent it by avoiding active service as a soldier. Ravi was not on the list and it was said at the time that he had been exonerated as his representatives said he was never involved in the story.

However, in early March we learned that Ravi was indeed one of the suspects and had even admitted his crime in court.

On March 14, it was then officially announced by the authorities that 137 people would be prosecuted for corruption in the evasion of compulsory military service. The people who set up this system are of course also among the accused.

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Among the men guilty of illegally evading military service are the sons of doctors and lawyers, musicians, actors, professional athletes, an entertainment agency executive, and a number of army corps who made this corruption possible.

Prosecutors say people trying to avoid military service paid an average of 3 to 10 million won ($2,000 to $7,000) to obtain their fake medical documents, although the price may vary depending on the situation. The two criminals who set up this scheme have amassed 1.38 billion won and 218 million won (US$180,000) respectively thanks to this scheme.

Among those who are known to have paid to obtain false documents and avoid military service, we find in particular Ravi, the rapper Nafla, as well as the actor Song Duk Ho.

The investigators are also aware of the sum paid by Nafla, who is said to have paid the sum of 25 million won (17,800 euros) to avoid military service.

From 2012 to November 2022, just 578 men were prosecuted for attempting to evade military service. The Army is therefore handling this case very cautiously as there are 137 new cases in less than a year.

Source: thekoreaherald