13 Ways To Remove Water From Ears, Effective

13 Ways To Remove Water From Ears, Effective


When taking a bath, sometimes the water splashes into the ears. Also when swimming, water is also easy to access ears.

But don’t worry, there are many ways to get water out of the ears. The methods are simple and you can do it yourself.

So, what is the danger if water enters the ear? We recommend removing the fluid that enters the ear immediately because otherwise, it can cause otitis externa.

Otitis externa is an infection from the external canal from the inside of the ear to the outside of the head. This infection occurs because the fluid left in the ear makes the area inside the ear wet.

Damp conditions can promote the growth of bacteria or fungi, which increases the risk of infection. Patients with infection will feel pain in the ear area.

Therefore, immediately remove the water if it enters the ear. Symptoms of water entering the ear, that is, the sound is pounding, the skin of the ear is red, and the ear is watery.

How To Remove Water From Ears

A shot of a depressed young woman in her bedroomExample. How to remove water from the ear (Photo: istockphoto/LaylaBird)

If you experience this, here are ways to treat watery ears to try, summarized from different sources.

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1. Shake the ears

A popular way to get fluid out of your ears is to shake them. How to remove water from the right ear, by tilting the head to the right until the ear touches the shoulder.

Then, turn your ear to your shoulder. Currently, the way to remove water from the left ear is to tilt the head to the left, then shake it.

2. Lie on your side

The fluid in the ear can come out on its own, by lying on the side of the ear that has fluid in it.

For example, if you have fluid in your right ear, you should lie on your side with your right ear on the floor. Lay down for a few minutes, and the water will slowly come out under the pressure of gravity.

3. Cover the nose

An Asian woman is hurting her nose because of the cold.Example. How to get water out of your ears by plugging your nose (Photo: iStockphoto/Tharakorn)

In addition to palm, you can remove water from your ears by covering your nose. This is also called the Valsalva maneuver.

Technique, take a deep breath, then cover your nose with your thumb and forehead. Shut your mouth too.

Then, press the air to the outside of the closed nose until you hear or feel the explosion in the ear. This will cause the ear canal to open and compress the fluid in the ear to come out.

But remember, don’t press the air too hard because it can damage the eardrum. Do it carefully.

4. Suction with palm

You can also use your palms to remove water from your ears. This method of removing fluid from the ear is known as vacuum technology.

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How to do it, place the palm to cover the ear hole. Then, press the palm to the inner ear.

Then, pull it to the outside of the ear. After that, turn your head towards the ear where the water is coming in so that the water that he desires comes out.

5. Move the jaw and mouth

Yawning and mouth movements such as yawning and chewing can push fluid into the ear to escape. You can do this while chewing for example.

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How To Remove Water From Ears