13 Foods To Increase Blood, Red Meat To Spinach

13 Foods To Increase Blood, Red Meat To Spinach


Blood-enhancing foods are often sought after by those suffering from anemia or a condition where the body lacks red blood cells.

Because when anemia, a person will be easily tired, pale, short of breath, to get relief from headaches. In addition to taking supplements, people with anemia can eat energy-enhancing foods.

There are actually many types of blood-boosting foods. In fact, it is often consumed as a daily menu item.

Some blood-boosting foods have also become the daily menu of people for dinner. However, it may not be understood, so the number and frequency of its use is still not available.

Blood Strengthening Diet

Ingredients: cooked meat, oil, vinegar, herbs and vegetables.  The chef carves the meat.Example. Blood-boosting foods (iStockphoto/mythja)

Here are 13 blood-boosting foods that people with anemia can eat. These types of food are also useful for those who do not have anemia in order to maintain adequate red blood cells.

This is a list, compiled from various sources.

1. Red meat

Concentrate health, Red meat is a food that can increase the amount of hemoglobin (Hb) in the blood.

Red meat such as beef, veal, and other red meat is a rich source of iron that is easily absorbed by the body.

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Red meat has an iron content of 2.7 milligrams per 100 grams or can meet 15 percent of the daily iron requirement. In addition, red meat also contains vitamin B12 which is good for the production of red blood cells.

2. Forgiveness

Not only red meat, beef and goat meat clearly contains iron which can be a blood-boosting food. Offal contains the liver, heart, and brain.

The content of iron in the liver of meat for example is 6.5 mg per 100 grams. In addition to beef and goat meat, you can eat chicken liver with an iron content of 15.6 mg per 100 grams.

Offal also contains folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin A which are important for supporting red blood cells in the body.

3. Chicken

Fried chicken breast in vegetable oil, cast iron panExample. Chickens and other poultry including blood-sucking foods (Istockphoto/Getty Images/Bartosz Luczak)

The next food to increase blood hemoglobin or hemoglobin is poultry, such as chicken, duck, and birds.

The iron content in 100 grams of chicken meat can meet about 13 percent of the body’s daily iron needs.

4. Seafood

The next blood-boosting food is seafood. You can eat tuna, clams, and oysters.

Some seafood contains iron, copper, and vitamin B12 which are good for the development of blood.

5. Chicken egg

A cow's eye eggExample. Eggs are a blood-boosting food (Photo: Nutrition)

Chicken eggs are also useful for people suffering from anemia. Because one boiled egg contains 1 mg of iron. Not only this, eggs are also rich in protein and minerals.

6. Knowing

Foods made from soybeans also contain iron, which the body needs to produce red blood cells. The iron content in half a year’s service is 3 mg.

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7. grain

Example of grainExample. Cereal is a blood-boosting food (Image: ImagesBG/Pixabay)

The next blood-boosting food is grains. In addition, oats also contain vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 which are good for the production of red cells in the body.

8. Nuts and seeds

Cashews, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds also contain iron.

In addition, nuts and seeds contain folic acid and vitamin B6, which are also needed by those suffering from anemia.

9. Spinach and other vegetables

Examples of VegetablesExample. Spinach and other green vegetables are among the blood-boosting foods (kkolosov/Pixabay)

Spinach is a blood-boosting vegetable. The iron content is high and it is supplemented with folic acid and vitamin B6.

Not only spinach, other green vegetables can also be a source of blood boosters, such as broccoli, kale, kale, cassava, etc. Today’s Medical News.

10. Beetroot and dragon fruit

Fruits that can increase blood flow include beets and dragon fruit. The red flesh of the two fruits is the answer to the iron in them.

If you don’t want to eat directly, you can make blood-boosting juice from both fruits.

In addition to beets and dragon fruit, you can eat watermelon, avocado, grapes, bananas, mulberry, and lychee as blood-boosting foods.

11. Solid food

Kefir, milk or Turkish Ayran drink is poured into the glass cup from the bottle.  The glass is standing on a wooden stand on a wooden table.  Place for writing.Example. Strong foods like bread and milk, including blood-boosting foods (iStockphoto/Elena Medoks)

Fortified foods are foods that have various nutrients added to them, including iron. For example, milk, flour, bread, cooking spices, baby porridge, etc.

You can check the content of iron and other vitamins that are important for the development of blood on the label of the food box.

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12. Dark chocolate

Who would have thought of a dark chocolate snack dark chocolate does it contain iron too? The content is around 3.4 grams in one ounce of dark chocolate.

Not only this, chocolate contains copper which is important for those suffering from illness.

13. Sweet potatoes

Example of sweet potatoExample. Sweet potato is a blood-boosting food (Istockphoto/Nungning20)

Purple sweet potato is also a stimulant food because it contains chemicals that can activate red blood cells in the body, so that it can overcome the problem of anemia.

In addition, this blood-boosting food contains potassium which can keep blood pressure under control.


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