11 Unique Resorts in Pangandaran for Family Days

11 Unique Resorts in Pangandaran for Family Days

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It’s not just a beach, there are a variety of resorts in it Pangandaran fun to explore. The reason is, this tourist destination in West Java also offers interest in tourism Another shame not to be missed.

In the Pangandaran region, you can enjoy the panoramas and beautiful nature presented, such as water, water, caves, to natural reserves. For the most part, Pangandaran resorts are also suitable for all ages.

No wonder, Pangandaran is one of the most popular family tourist destinations for weekends or national holidays. If you are looking for resorts in Pangandaran, here are the recommendations, compiled from various sources.

1. Citumang

Tourist spots in Pangandaran, one of them is Citumang River (Photo: Cindar Nurista)

Citumang is a river that has shades of green and blue. Not only is it beautiful, you can swim in the river.

In addition to swimming, another interesting activity that you can try with your family in this place is playing body rafting along the river with 1.5 km which is divided into several tracks.

Citumang River is located in Bojong Village, Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency. This tourist attraction is open from 08.00-17.00 with an entrance ticket of IDR 69 thousand.

2. Pangandaran High Waterfall

It is about 70 meters long with a type of waterfall, which makes Curug Luhur Pangandaran very well visited because it is beautiful, beautiful and beautiful.

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Are you interested in Curug Luhur Pangandaran? This tourist destination is located in Cimanggu Village, Langkapancar District, Pangandaran Regency.

Interestingly, Curug Luhur Pangandaran is open 24 hours and visitors do not need an entrance ticket or it is free.

3. Sinjang Lawang Cave

The next tourist spot in Pangandaran is called Sinjang Lawang Cave. This tourist attraction is an interesting place river tubing which connects with natural caves.

Sunlight will enter the hole at the top of the cave, creating a beautiful gradation.

Sinjang Lawang Cave is located in Pariningan Hamlet, Jatimulya Village, Langkaplancar District, Pangandaran Regency. This place is open from 08.00-16.00, with an entrance ticket of IDR 150,000 for the tour package.

4. Green Canyon Pangandaran

Cukang Taneuh or Green Canyon is a tourist attraction in West Java located in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Kingdom.  This tourist attraction is ± 31 km from Pangandaran.  CNN Indonesia/ Adi Maulana IbrahimTourist attractions in Pangandaran, one of them is Green Canyon (Photo: cnnindonesia/adiibrahim)

Green Canyon Pangandaran is a popular tourist destination for local and foreign tourists.

This tourist attraction offers a beautiful natural environment decorated with tall rocks. The trees around the mountain also provide shade.

In terms of location, Green Canyon Pangandaran is located in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency. This place is open from 07.00-16.00, with tour package prices starting from IDR 200,000.

5. Green Santirah

If you are looking for the right place for river tubing, Green Santirah can be one of the options. At this point, you will be invited along the river Santirah river tubing or body rafting with 1.5 km with a travel time of about 2 hours.

Apart from that, you can walk along the paths formed by nature and see the beautiful waterfalls that are presented.

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Green Santirah is located in Selasari Village, Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency and is open from 08.00-16.00. The tour packages offered start from IDR 80,000.

6. Batu Hiu Beach

Batu Hiu Beach is a tourist spot which is also often called “Tanah Lot” in West Java. The place is located in the south of the island of Java which directly borders the Indian Ocean, to be exact in the village of Ciliang, Parigi District, Ciamis Regency.

Batu Hiu Beach is a cave shaped like a shark’s mouth. This tourist attraction is open 24 hours. The entrance fee depends on the type of vehicle you use.

7. Batu Karas Beach

The next tourist destination in Pangandaran is Batu Karas Beach. This tourist property is located in Batu Karas Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency.

Batu Karas Beach has shallow waves with a large area of ​​sandy beach suitable for family tourism. The beautiful nature of the beach will also give you romantic moments with your loved ones.

This tourist attraction, which is open 24 hours, requires different entrance tickets depending on the type of vehicle. If you come without a vehicle, just pay Rp. 6,000 per person.

If you are using a motorcycle, you have to pay IDR 14,000, while using a car, the entrance ticket is IDR 65,000, and IDR 310,000 for groups using buses.

8. Karang Nini Beach

Karang Nini Beach is a park located in Emplak Village, Kalipucang District, Pangandaran Kingdom. This beach has a wide beach with coral rocks.

The attraction of this beach is its location behind the thick forest. In addition, this beach has clean sand and clean water. Karang Nini Beach is open from 07.00-17.00 with an affordable entrance ticket of only IDR 10,000.

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9. Karapyak Beach

Karapyak beach has white sand mixed with coral grains. In addition to the beautiful beaches, this beach has many interesting resorts to be the next tourist choice.

Located at Jalan Pangandaran, Bagolo Village, Kalipucang District, Pangandaran Regency, this tourist destination is suitable for everyone. Open 24 hours with affordable prices starting from IDR 11,500.

10. Madasari beach

Madasari Beach, West Java - IndonesiaTourist spots in Pangandaran, one of them is Madasari Beach (Photo: Istockphoto/zulpian_capture)

The calm and peaceful atmosphere is the main attraction of Madasari beach. The natural environment presented on this beach is very beautiful with gradations of three colors between the blue sea, green trees, and waves.

A beautiful and quiet atmosphere is suitable for those who want to have peace. Madasari River is located in Masawah Village, Cimerak District, Pangandaran Regency. This place is open 24 hours. The ticket depends on the vehicle used.

11. Wonder Hill Jojogan

Wonder Hill Jojogan is a tourist spot that offers beautiful views from above. Combined with a beautiful terraced waterfall and a beautiful garden.

In this place, you and your family can also try the activities offered like them body rafting.

Open from 08.00-16.00, Wonder Hill Jojogan costs Rp. 15,000 for motorcycle entry tickets. As for the location, Wonder Hill Jojogan is located in Gunung Tiga Hamlet, Cintaratu Village, Parigi District, Pangandaran Regency.

These are many tours in Pangandaran that you and your family will want to miss. It can be useful.


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