10 special monarchs of Queen Elizabeth II, who will succeed her?

10 special monarchs of Queen Elizabeth II, who will succeed her?


During his reign for almost 70 years until the end of his life. War Elizabeth II frequently use the royal crown in many cases.

The crown or tiara she wears is different, depending on the event she will attend. Not only does it have a collection of precious stones.

In fact, the collection of tiaras or crowns of the queen can be said to be the stuff of legend. Some of these crowns are heirlooms from Queen Mary who loves to collect jewelry.

Here are some crowns worn by Queen Elizabeth II and they are very eye-catching, and who will inherit the crown?

1. Monarchy

It is a traditional royal crown worn by the queen in some state ceremonies, such as the opening of the state parliament. Inspired by Glamour, this crown has been passed down from generation to generation, having originally been created for the coronation of King George IV.

It has about 3,000 diamonds, 269 diamonds, 17 sapphires and 11 emeralds, it weighs 2.3 kilograms.

2. Crowning The Grand Duchess Vladimir

This tiara is said to be one of the queen’s favorite things and has an interesting history. Originally invented in 1874, it was brought out of Russia during the 1917 revolution by two Britons disguised as slaves.

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The beautiful circular diamond design allows for customization, with diamonds or emeralds attached.

3. Mahkota The Burmese Ruby

In 1976, 98 rubies donated by the people of Myanmar (Commonwealth of Nations, also known as Burma) were meant to create a new crown.

The stones are thought to ward off evil and disease in Burmese culture, so it surprised some people when the Queen chose to wear them during the visit of former US President Donald Trump.

4. Mahkota Queen Mary’s Girls of Great Britain and Ireland

Queen Mary was given on her wedding day to King George V as a gift from her maids. This crown became known as the crown of the season.

It is considered one of the Queen’s favorite things because she is often seen wearing it, and it is even shown on many bills.

5. Crown Princess Mary Fringe

The crown holds special value for the queen, as her grandmother Queen Mary wore it when she married Prince Philip in 1947. It has 47 diamond bars and is said to have broken when the queen was preparing to wear it. the wedding ceremony. and had to be taken to Garrard for repairs.

6. Knot of lovers Mahkota Cambrigde

According to Marie Claire, Diana was given the crown during her marriage to Charles in 1981, but returned it to the queen after her divorce. This crown has 19 baroque diamonds and rose diamonds, set in a heart-shaped knot.

7. Mahkota The Lotus Flower

Made from a necklace given to the future Queen Mother, this tiara has a distinctive ‘lotus’ motif. Both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret wear it regularly. Now worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who will change her title to Princess of Wales.

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Who Will Inherit Queen Elizabeth II’s Crown and Jewels? See on the next page..

Who Will Inherit Queen Elizabeth II’s Crown and Jewels?