10 songs to listen to to feel better

10 songs to listen to to feel better

The gray weather and the slow onset of summer are a bit depressing, but staying in the doldrums is out of the question! We have put together a selection of music for you that is guaranteed to bring you joy while fishing!

money money money


What better way to lift the spirits than dreaming of a world where our troubles would have disappeared and where the money would flow freely, such a frantic tone?

Gangsta’s Paradise


This nostalgia-filled music will just envelop you and at least make you smile when it doesn’t engage you in a frantic dance.

The stupid Lolita

(the underpants)

Is there anything more effective than a very nice music for fishing? La Goffa Lolita, whose lyrics you surely know by heart, will take you to a karaoke full of laughter and good humor!

Put on your balaclava

(Deadly Bazooka)

Michaël Youn is the master of making people laugh with music. All of his songs ooze with good vibes, and nostalgia coupled with his goofy lyrics is the best cure for the blues.

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sexy and i know it


Give yourself a good dose of self-love to boost your self-confidence! Let your ego explode by dancing and singing this song with all your heart and pouring as much self love into it as possible and you will feel a whole lot better!

Cotton Eye Joe


It’s impossible not that the frenzied chorus of this music doesn’t get you dancing! Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear cowboy boots or a cowboy hat to listen to this sound, but a good mood is a must!

disco party


It’s a classic! As handsome as he is bizarre, Boris is sure to make you smile! Dive back into the disco years with joy, with or without ivory pants 😉

Wati at night

(attack session)

As iconic as it is catchy, Wati by Night is a must-read to lift the spirits of anyone born in the 2000s.

i have money

(David Castello-Lopes)

Less well known yet very funny, this singer only has hilarious and humorous sounds in his range of songs. The lyrics will make you smile, even laugh when you listen to them!

passion fruit

(Franky Vincent)

Another beautiful and mythical classic! With Francky Vincent it is essential to have fun with music and to be in a good mood. So don’t be ashamed to put Passion Fruit or any of his other hits in your headphones to get the week off to a good start!

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