10 places to visit in Korea in winter

10 places to visit in Korea in winter

Winter in Korea is harsh. Fierce Siberian winds, freezing temperatures, and very dry and sometimes polluted air make it tempting to sit indoors, watch Netflix, and sip coffee all day. At least that’s what we want to do most winter days in Seoul.

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Most of us fear winter in Korea because it can reach -20°C. All we want to do is snuggle up inside in front of the fireplace, sip a cup of hot chocolate and listen to a “different” Christmas playlist that’s longing for summer.

Sometimes we are forced out of our “comfort den” to enjoy the typical activities that the winter season in Korea has to offer. South Korea, the country that never slows down, is the perfect place for it!

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Here are our insider tips on 10 hidden winter wonderland destinations to keep in mind.

  1. Jeonju Hanok Village

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

If you are a foodie and interested in traditional Korean culture, you should visit Jeonju in Jeolla-do Province.

This is arguably the culinary city of South Korea, with a long list of delicious dining experiences waiting for you. And if you are lucky, Jeonju Hanok Village under the snow will be a sight to behold during your trip.

  1. Daegwallyeong sheep farm

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Pyeongchang County in Gangwon Province is a snowboarding capital of South Korea. And Daegwallyeong nestles in this beautiful county known for its sheep farms and snowy scenery in winter.

These vast sheep farms offer city kids a rare opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

  1. Village of Hanok de Bukchon
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10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul is a traditional Korean housing estate inhabited by the Yangban elite during the Joseon Dynasty.

It has in recent years become a tourist spot full of independent cafes, tea rooms and interesting shops or museums.

  1. The palaces

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

We love going to the palaces in Seoul after a heavy snowfall. Gyeongbok Palace is one of our favorites. The frozen lake, blue sky, and red, green, and yellow patterns of traditional architecture contrast starkly with the white snow.

  1. Jeongdongjin

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Jeongdongjin in Gangneung, Gangwon-do is a scenic town with the world’s closest railway station to the sea. The beach just behind Jeongdongjin Station is also a famous sunrise spot.

Sunrise visitors take a night train to Jeongdongjin Station on New Year’s Eve for the first sunrise of the year.

6. Folk Village Hahoe

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Nestled in a secluded valley in Gyeongsang Province, Andong Hahoe Folk Village is an idyllic place to relax and experience traditional Korean country life.

Visitors can immerse themselves in a rich palette of cultural traditions such as Korean mask dance and enjoy a wide range of ancient culinary delights such as andong gangodeungeo (salted mackerel), heotjesabap (a type of bibimbap for nobles), and andong guksu (local noodles). .

  1. Mount Gamaksan

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

This beautiful winter shot at Gamaksan Suspension Bridge in Paju definitely deserves a mention on the list! The bridge spans 150 meters across the Silmari Valley and is easily accessible from the parking lot! Arrive early to enjoy this majestic winter view.

  1. Art Village Paju Heyri

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Located just 1 hour from Seoul, Paju is an art and book lover’s paradise. The Hyeri Art Village is home to filmmakers, publishers, book authors and artists. Expect quirky museums and architecture, lovely cafes, a huge library and book cafes, interesting studios and art spaces in this village.

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Paju is the closest South Korean city to North Korea. And winter in the north is notoriously harsher than winter in the south, so you can imagine Paju is a winter wonderland after a heavy snowfall.

  1. Seonunsa Temple

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Seonunsa Temple is one of the largest temples in southern part of Korea with a history of over 1,500 years. And winter is considered one of the best times of year to visit the temple, as camellias bloom and persimmons ripen.

Bright orange persimmons covered in snow, as well as blooming camellias from bush to bush, make for an enticing sight in winter.

  1. Boseong Green Tea Champion

10 Winter Destinations in Korea K-Selection

Boseong Green Tea Field in Jeollanam-do Province is another beautiful place to visit after a winter snowfall.

Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the scenic scenery of Daehan Dawon, the country’s largest green tea plantation, as the snow whitens the plantation.

Put on your winter boots and off you go!