10 models of new women’s batik office dresses for 2022

10 models of new women’s batik office dresses for 2022

Women’s batik model for the office always growing from time to time. If in the past office clothes were equal to simple styles without details, now this is not the case.

You can distinguish batik clothes with different styles of clothes, collars and sleeves that are unique. Not only that, women’s office batik tops can be combined with plain fabrics or different batik fabrics.

Popbela.com We have collected many models of new office batik dresses for 2022. Come, check out the styles below!

1. Layer sleeve batik shirt


The first model of women’s office batik top is brown with normal length to below the waist. This dress looks easy on the body without any extra buttons or buttons belt.

However, the details that make this batik shirt model interesting are the sleeves. The hand uses the model layer four rows from top to bottom. In this way, the sleeve will look unique and small volume.

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2. Ribbon Accent Batik Dress

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

Furthermore, blue batik clothing is a good choice to give the impression of a younger person.

This dress has a normal length with a full bow at the waist. The ribbon comes out of the tied string and pulls the dress at the waist to make it look slimmer.

Then, the sleeves of this batik office are made 3/4 length. For the collar, choose a shanghai collar model that is open in the front so that the body is longer.

3. Bell Sleeve Batik Shirt

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

Exterior which can be removed, now widely chosen as modern models of women’s batik office. Because, exterior it will be more flexible if it will be combined with other clothes.

For details, exterior he uses a necklace saving with the addition of a small strap on the waist. Then, the sleeves are made using a wide bell style. Therefore, the entire upper arm will be replaced with this sleeve model.

4. Chinese Batik Shirt Button

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

So, if you want to appear happy in the office, a batik shirt model with a Chinese button like the one above is the right choice. This dress has a simple cut with long sleeves.

However, it’s the details that make this dress stand out stylish is the selection of keys. Unlike most buttons, Chinese buttons have an extra strap on the side. This dress will be perfect if you use a shanghai necklace too.

5. Ball Sleeve Batik Shirt

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

If you want to find a model of batik dress for office women that is wide and loose, batik sleeve balloon dress will suit you. This dress has a cut crop It reaches to the waist so it fits well with trousers big waist

Then, the sleeves were placed in a wide balloon model and hung down. In addition, the sleeves are extended with small slits at the junction between the sleeves and the body.

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6. Batik dress with a radical design

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

Having a batik shirt with traditional elements doesn’t mean you can’t make it modern. As in the example above, you can combine traditional batik with lurik designs on the edges of the clothes.

Instead of looking traditional, this dress actually looks very modern due to the wide cut. After that, the details v- hard The collar and the two buttons lined up at the bottom make this shirt perfect for a refined office outfit.

7. Ruffle Sleeve Batik Shirt

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

Ruffle becoming a model of women’s clothing which is very popular recently. So, for women’s batik tops for the office, you can give an accent ruffle at the end of his hand. Ruffle It is made in two layers so that it has more volume.

In addition to these details, other types of clothing are usually long below the waist. Batik shirt ruffle It will be suitable if you are happy with a simple and beautiful design.

8. Asymmetric Crossover Batik Shirt

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

Feminism is immediately apparent when you see batik clothing cross this asymmetry. This model combines a dark batik dress with a white cloth. The right side of this dress is made of batik, while the left and back are made of white cloth.

Well, the dress model is similar to the model cross cross from right and left. Then, let the edge of the dress taper asymmetrically to look unique and comfortable.

9. Two tone batik dress

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

Another option if you only have limited batik fabric is to combine it with other batik fabrics. The result of this combination will later become the top of the office two sounds like the one above.

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On the right side, wear a light batik model, while on the other side, choose a dark batik. Meanwhile, this blouse will look professional with a straight style and a split in the middle.

10. New Kutu Batik Dress

10 Latest Batik Dresses For Women 2022pinterest.com

Finally, women’s batik tops for the office can take on a new style of flea kebaya. Like the kebaya, the right and left sides of the shirt are joined by a shirt plate. The plain fabric combination that matches this batik is a black plisket.

This product will make your appearance beautiful with a neck that looks long. If you want to add a small detail, add an outer button on the left side where the shirt and plain fabric meet.

These are 10 types of women’s batik tops for the office that you can use as a reference. Out of the above categories, which one would you choose, Bela?

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