10 Little-Known Stray Kids Songs You Must Hear

10 Little-Known Stray Kids Songs You Must Hear

It was nothing short of gratifying to see Stray Kids continue to excel as artists.

They were introduced to the world in 2017. Stray Kids were fresh-faced back then, maybe even a little insecure, but there’s no denying they were still destined to go far.

10 Too Little-Known Stray Kids Songs To Absolutely Hear - K-Selection

Stray Kids led the way in K-pop’s fourth generation when they debuted in 2018, pushing new boundaries for the genre and striving for a level of creative autonomy in their music that nobody could have imagined a decade ago.

They have never chosen safety, which is what makes them so special.

10 Too Little-Known Stray Kids Songs To Absolutely Hear - K-Selection

With their third LP, 5 Stars, out on June 2nd, it’s time to delve into Stray Kids’ discography and take a look at some of their underrated songs.

While no Stray Kids song goes unnoticed by its devoted fans, there are some titles that deserve to be known to the general public.

  1. School Life” – Mixtape (2018)

This fresh title brings back a lot of memories for the fans. As previously mentioned, the band experimented before finding their goal.

Now that Stray Kids have progressed so far in their careers, it’s worth going back and seeing them as they were when they started.

  1. Grow Up” – I am NOT (2018), SKZ2020 (2020)

A little hip hop ballad to calm our sometimes chaotic mind. With that title, the group knew how to do it!

The song’s Korean title means “You’re doing well,” and when days are tough, it feels like a sweet, motivating pick-me-up.

  1. “3rd Eye” – I am NOT (2018), SKZ2021 (2021)
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A slightly experimental song that shows an unreal aspect of the group with magical sounds rather than hard and powerful.

“3rd Eye” might not be as strong as some of Stray Kids’ more experimental songs, but this title is important.

  1. “N/S” – I Am YOU (2018), SKZ2021 (2021)

We are aware of the criticism this song has received since its release four years ago. It doesn’t change the fact that his lyrics are so incredibly untrustworthy that we believe them.

The members of Stray Kids put their rap skills to the test, and even the group’s most dedicated singers show their flow.

  1. “Chronosaurus” – Key 1: MIROH (2019), SKZ2020 (2020)

“Chronosaurus” pays great attention to the guttural power of Stray Kids lead singers Han and Seungmin. Her vocals carry this song and make it far more powerful than many other Stray Kids tracks.

  1. “STOP” – Key: LEVANTER (2019)

Stop is an extended version of 2019’s previous album Key 2: Yellow Wood’s intro track “Road Not Taken” and a Stray Kids EDM anthem at its finest. To hear it you have to dance and shake off all the stress of the day, week, month and this human existence.

The Stray Kids’ flair for EDM is perhaps one of their most underappreciated charms, and nothing illustrates this more than the fame of “Stop”.

  1. “Haven” – GO LIVE (2021)

Recreating the romance and melancholy of early 2010s pop music, Haven is – for us, at least – one of Stray Kids’ most underrated B-sides and a masterclass in serious storytelling.

  1. “HEYDAY” – Street Man Fighter Soundtrack (2022)
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Produced by Czaer for the competitive dance show Street Man Fighter, “HEYDAY is an erratic track that showcases Stray Kids at their best.”

Performed by the trio of Stray Kids producers 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) you’re guaranteed to get goosebumps!

  1. “SUPER BOARD” – Maxident (2022)

Synths hum, Hyunjin goes “nyoom” and you know Stray Kids have entered their rebellious era of sk8er boi.

“Super Board” is Talented, Brilliant, Amazing, Incredible, Never the Same, Absolutely Unique, Totally Unprecedented and Unforgettable.

  1. “Battle Ground” – The Sound (2023)

It’s not exactly a surprise that Stray Kids became full-fledged alternative rock on this Japanese b-side – which feels like it could fit right in with a late ’90s or early 2000s metal festival.

Aggressive rock riffs are mixed with the typical Stray Kids playfulness and the use of proven sounds.

Which title would you add to this list?