10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks

10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks

Rap music has been known for its deep and thoughtful messages since its inception, and Korean hip hop keeps this tradition alive.

Idol or not, rappers from every category have brought a handful of simply iconic tracks to the table.

10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

Whether you’re used to KHip Hop or a newbie, we’ve curated a selection of 10 iconic tracks you should definitely check out.

  1. Matryoshka from 3RACHA (Changbin, Bang Chan and Han from Stray Kids)


The trio raps about burying all their struggles while making their growing success visible to all the haters and skeptics. Regarding the Russian doll, they explain that they bring with them a wealth of challenges to keep improving.

  1. Is that a bad number by Soyeon de (G)-IDLE feat. BIBI & Lee Young Ji

10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

Three unique voices for this explosive title! Each artist exhibits an impeccable flow to clarify their eternal presence in the game of the music scene.

  1. Zico’s extreme

10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

Zico is one of the best producers/lyricists and this is conveyed in this incredible title that almost takes our breath away.

In this wonderful display of what characterizes the pieces as an artist and as a person, and in a well thought out lyrical delivery, he fully recognizes himself and those parts that may seem extreme to the curious eye.

  1. GANJI by PSY feat. jessie

10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

The collaboration between PSY and Jessi is the one we needed! PSY flaunts her amazing attitude with cocky gratitude and teases Jessi with her lyrical acting.

She then fights back and stands on her own two feet while confidently rapping alternately in Korean and English.

  1. Fear the Mino the Winners feat. Taeyang the BIG BANG
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10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

Another duo we needed in an epic performance to remember!

As Mino put it beautifully, the only way to overcome our fears is to overcome them.


10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

CL is one of the most well-known voices in the Korean music world and her track “HELLO BITCHES” shows what she is as an artist.

From her lyrical style to her stage presence to her performative touch, the rapper knows how to mark her territory and serve us the ultimate bops.

  1. DDAENG by BTS

J-hope, Suga et RM

DDAENG is one of the favorite tracks for BTS fans as the rap line gives it all in this track.

  1. Nosedive by Dynamic Duo feat. Chen d’EXO

10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

Working perfectly with Chen, Choiza and Gaeko reach out to people struggling with depression and offer comfort and support through their uplifting and comforting words.

  1. Climax of Victory, Team B

10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

At the time of WIN, Team B was what iKON is today. The track looks at failure, motivation and perseverance as catalysts that guide you to achieve your goals in life.

  1. Bleed d’Epik High

10 Legendary KHip-Hop Tracks K-Selection

A K hip hop list cannot be complete without Epik High. In “Bleed” Tablo and Mithra Jin tell their musical journey between past and present on the soulful instrumental pieces by DJ Tukutz.

This narrative carries the heart of Epik High’s career, her relationship with her fans, and her dedication to staying on the hip-hop scene for as long as it takes.

What’s your favorite track on the list?