10 Kpop Songs About Self Love

10 Kpop Songs About Self Love

K-pop artists use their music to address important societal issues and share meaningful messages with their fans.

Among the many topics they cover, one is the idea of ​​loving yourself.

10 Kpop Songs That Talk About Self Love K-Selection

In a world where people are constantly forced to compare themselves and run a frantic race to become better, it’s really important to take time for yourself, accept yourself, and celebrate your differences.

Here are 10 K-pop songs to remind you the importance of prioritizing your self-esteem.

  1. ONLY from Jennie

The message behind “SOLO” is that after a breakup, someone expresses their true self. It’s important to be yourself, alone or in a relationship.

“SOLO” is a good track to listen to anytime. There is no better way to love yourself than to take care of yourself.

  1. Palette d’IU ft. G-Dragon

“Palette” tells about everything she has learned about herself over the course of her life. G-Dragon talks about his struggles with the idea of ​​aging in his own way in the song.

Through the song, IU and G-Dragon comfort each other over their troubles and also comfort the listeners by telling them that no matter how they are doing, they are “really fine”.

  1. ALIEN by Lee Suhyun

This song is about a mother who boosts her daughter’s self-esteem by telling her that she is a powerful being from another planet.

The touching story helps the girl to love herself. “ALIEN” is an amazing song that can encourage any listener to be the best version of themselves.

  1. Step back and have you found the beat
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The title is about someone with high self-esteem warning people to stay away from their relationship.


Itzy has always been about celebrating being unique and different, and WANNABE is an example of that.

“WANNABE” expresses that someone is as valuable as they are. You don’t have to change to be someone else.

  1. Grow Up by Stray Kids

The song’s narrative focuses on picking yourself up no matter how many times you fall by being kind to yourself, and also focuses on the message that the only way to overcome something is to overcome it .

  1. I AM d’IVE

“I AM” carries a powerful message from someone with an independent and confident outlook on life. You need to focus on becoming a better person in the near future.

  1. I am the best of 2NE1

The title says it all! It’s a song so blatant in its supposed self-respect.

It includes lyrics like “I refuse to be compared, I’m telling you the truth.” When we talk about my worth, I’m a billion dollar baby. 2NE1 urges its fans to love each other no matter how good you are and not apologize!

  1. Enough of the SF9

The title encourages people to realize that they are indeed beautiful and that enough is enough. The song strengthens self-confidence, acceptance and love.

  1. Answer: Love Myself by BTS

BTS is perhaps the most well-known group to talk about self-love. The band themselves have been very open about their pain and suffering, and most of their songs tell their own story, which is why so many fans listen to their raw messages of honesty and love.

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The song “Answer: Love Myself” features lyrics like “It’s just that I love myself, I don’t need anyone’s permission.” With the song, BTS encourages everyone to love one another because while that’s the hardest thing, but possibly also the simplest.

Which song would you add to the list?