10 Korean Female Artists Who Have Style

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have Style

If you follow the development of the K-Pop industry, you must be familiar with the names below. Do a lot of work that you can be proud of, make it one a big star. Not only hits in their country, these Korean artists also have fans all over the country, you know!

Having a good career in the Korean entertainment industry makes them always stylish and fashionable. In fact, they are said to have a fashion style just like South Korea! Intellectual Mix & match different cosmetics for everything while, is often a role model for other Korean women. By the way, who are these artists? Here Popbela summarizes 10 Korean artists who have the best style! Don’t hesitate to follow their style, Bela. Let’s take a look below!

1. Krystal “F(x)”

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StyleByeolkorea.com

Having the real name Kyrstal Jung, Krystal is a singer and model under SM Entertainment. Kystal is said to have a very good style. Like when attending a regular party, it has a long shirt pretty red with sever in some cases, knee high boots same to you complexion the same color.

2. Avoid

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StyleCelebmafia.com

Being one of the most popular artists in South Korea, Sunmi, known as a former member of Wonder Girls, has a great sense of style. surgical surgical. He often mixes his clothes with shoeAlas!

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3. Nayeon “Twice”

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StylePikdo.com

Effect girl same to you beautiful girl being a special feature for Nayeon. Although it seems simpleNayeon is still visible surgical with sweater same to you mini skirt blue glasses. Very funny!

4. Jennie “Blackpink”

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StylePinterest.com

You have to get used to this. Be one girl group hits this year, Jennie often looks fashionable in different events. Although I love to dress up street styleJennie has become one of the pioneers of the return of knock-out hits with a diamond accent, you know!

5. Suzy Ba

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StylePinterest.com

Appearing in various South Korean commercials, Suzy’s name rose. It started to rise brand cosmetics up to style he chose her to be a role model. Not only that, Suzy also has taste style very stylish! In fact, it is not new for him to attend the event fashion type famous world such as Fendi to expect.

6. Joy “Red Velvet”

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StyleHallyu.com

Fans girl group Red Velvet must get used to this one face. Joy is known to have a sweet voice and a fashionable style. Do you want to be a woman? childJoy can still look cheerful.

7. Ban “EXID”

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StylePinterest.com

He often steals attention thanks to his casual style chicHani is mentioned as one of them fashion model South Korea. Cosmetics it’s what she likes the most pants same to you outerwearHani could have done it differently Mix & match which is more cool.

8. Naeun “Apink”

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StyleWehearit.com

In South Korea, Naeun is famous for using products from brand Adidas. So don’t be surprised if you see him wearing Adidas products head-to-toe. Although the use of fAshion thing with brand so, Naeun can give look that leave which can make his fans want to get it cosmetics what he wears, you know!

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9. Sooyoung “SNSD”

10 Korean Female Artists Who Have StylePinterest.com

It’s no secret that Sooyoung is one of Korea’s hottest artists. Having a tall and slim body makes him stronger Mix & match with cosmetics the rest. As in look this, Sooyoung looks like just wearing it shirt, mini skirt same to you high sneakers, he was able to explain it surprise one day.

10. IU

10 Korean Actresses Who Have StylePinterest.com

Having the real name Lee Ji-Eun, IU often appears surgical. Although it seems surgicalThe unique feature of IU is that cosmetics which describes beautiful and beautiful girls! Like when IU met original tee with in general which is added slip on shoes. Besides being funny, it’s easy to imitate, right, Bela!

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