10 defining moments in Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s career

10 defining moments in Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s career

It was one of the greatest monuments of French journalism. Jean-Pierre Pernaut left us on Wednesday March 02, 2022. Back in pictures at his finest moments on TV to mark the first anniversary of his disappearance.

1 – 1972: His first steps on TV (1972)

It is August 8, 1972. An 11-year-old boy named Sylvain disappeared in Aisne (02). Sixteen hours later he was found in a well. In front of the camera we discover the voice and face of a man for the first time: Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

2 – 1988: First JT as presenter

« Good morning ladies and gentlemen !”, here are the first words uttered by the French journalist for almost 33 years at the launch of the JT.

4 – 1990 : Chernobyl

4 years after the Chernobyl disaster, Jean-Pierre Pernaut takes stock on site. Accompanied by his Geiger counter, he notes the still high level of radioactivity around the decommissioned nuclear power plant.

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5 – 2001: The September 11 attacks on New York

Jean-Pierre Pernaut was the first journalist on the scene at the time of the 9/11 attacks – screenshot TF1

September 17, 2001. New York and the world mourn the deadliest attacks in history. For his midday diary, Jean-Pierre Pernaut and his team decide to move their set as close to the drama as possible. Strong images in a gloomy atmosphere that had shaped the moderator.

6 – 1998 / 2021: Discovery of the regions of France

Jean-Pierre Pernaut came from Amiens in Picardy. During his long decades at the helm of the First Channel JT, he has highlighted an invaluable number of French territories and their traditions, sometimes unknown to the battalion to the majority.

7 – 2016: His controversial judgment against migrants

Throughout his career, the local journalist has not often been the focus of controversy. But in 2016, following a comparison between migrants and the homeless, the latter reacted: ” Here you go, no more space for the homeless, but at the same time centers for migrants are opening all over France« .

8 – 2020: The end of a myth

The Jean-Pierre Pernaut era ends in December 2020. TF1’s flagship presenter presents his latest news. An emotional sequence in which he passes the torch to Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, the talented journalist who has taken the helm.

9 – 2021: The announcement of his lung cancer

Having already survived prostate cancer, Jean-Pierre Pernaut announces on the show Do not touch My TV get sick again. ” In April-May I was found to have a minor illness that happens to smokers who do the stupid thing of smoking. For years I’ve been told, “Stop smoking, stop smoking, stop smoking”. I smoked a lot. And then they found me with a small lung cancer. It’s the first time I’m talking about this ‘ he confided to Cyril Hanouna on set.

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10 – 2021: The Documentary Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Life After

A year after leaving Europe’s largest broadcaster, C8 looks back on the life of the star presenter. Family life, encounters with the public, backstage at TF1… The French discover in detail the everyday life of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Find it in replay on MyCanal.

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