04 Korean Actresses In Their 50s Making Waves In The K-Drama Scene – Kpopnews

04 Korean Actresses In Their 50s Making Waves In The K-Drama Scene – Kpopnews

The current and ongoing dramas are headlined by these 4 beautiful actresses who just so happen to be in their 50s.

1. Kim Hee Ae

Kim Hee Ae, 56, is making a comeback in new Netflix drama Queenmaker. The series ranks first in Netflix Global Top 10 for Non-English TV Series. It deals with the subject of politics and the struggles of two seemingly helpless women in their election campaign to become mayor of Seoul. Hee Ae transforms into Hwang Do Hee, a strong and independent woman with the ability to lead public opinion.

2. Jeon Do Yeon

Jeon Do Yeon turns 50 and has a stunning performance in the Netflix action movie Kill Boksoon. The film also topped Netflix’s Global Top 10 in the Non-English Films category. This is Jeon Do Yeon’s second project in 2023 alongside Crash Course in Romance. She embodies two contrasting images of a single mother taking care of her family. While Nam Haeng Seon is a caring and sweet side dish owner, Gill Bok Soon is a top assassin who can kill with a smile on his face.

Jeon Do Yeon

3. Uhm Jung Hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa returns to the dramatic stage with Doctor Cha. With its first two episodes, the drama garnered a whopping 7% rating, a promising start for the series. In Doctor Cha, Uhm Jung Hwa transforms into Cha Jung Sook, a full-time housewife who has been taking care of her family for 20 years. Due to an unexpected crisis, she returns to her medical profession and starts as a resident doctor in her first year from scratch.

Um Jung Hwa

4. Kim Seo Hyung

Kim Seo Hyung returns in Pale Moon as Yoo Yi Hwa, a bored housewife who leads a comfortable but empty life. She decides to break this inertia by working as a contract clerk at a savings bank. During her time there, she gradually gains confidence. However, Yi Hwa’s life takes a turn when she starts embezzling VIP clients’ money.

Kim Seo-hyung

Source: K14

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