≠ME has returned with their sixth single – Stylediacreativo

≠ME has returned with their sixth single – Stylediacreativo

The Japanese group ≠ME release their sixth single “Tenshi wa Doko e“ on 12.4. Four versions are available: CD+DVD Type A, CD+DVD Type B, CD+DVD Type C and CD Type D (Web Edition). There “center” East Tomita Nanaka and the theme music was written by Rino Sashihara.

The group produced by Rino Sashihara consists of 12 members: Ogi Hana, Ochiai Kirari, Kanisawa Moeko, Kawaguchi Natsune, Kawanago Natsumi, Sakurai Momo, Suganami Mirei, Suzuki Hitomi, Tanizaki Saya, Tomita Nanaka, Nagata Shiori and Honda Miyuki. This is the first sister group of = LOVE. Auditions ended on January 26, 2019 and the group’s name was announced on February 24, 2019. The group had a mini-album “Cho Tokkyu ≠ ME Yuki(Second place in the Oricon ranking). As of 2021, the group had released two singles, and as of 2022, three singles had been released.

CD content:
1. Where are the angels?
2a At the moment as it is
2 B. Marshmallow float
2c. I dreamed of you again today
2. Rokenro at 2:30 am
3. Where’s the Angel (Off Vocal Ver.)
4a. Konomama de Momentari (Off-Vocal Ver.)
4b. Marshmallow Float (Off-Vocal Ver.)
4c. Kimi no yume mita da today (off vocal ver.)
4. 2:30 Rokenro (Off Vocal ver.)

Type A DVD content:
1. Where Are The Angels music video
2. Making of

DVD Content Type B:
1. Bonus – “Noimi Gakuen ~Hit Prayer!” Bring back the lost logo!~”

Type-C DVD Content:
1. I saw another dream of you today music video
2. I dreamed about you again today. Making of

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Here is the clip for “Tenshi wa Doko e“:

Source: official website